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This page is your space. A space where you can share your ideas using the tools below, and access resources to help you engage with and develop your community. If you'd like to directly get in touch with the Community Development team, please click here.

My Great Idea

Share your great ideas with us using our interactive form. Download the form here and send via email on

My Great idea - Community Development

Community Connector Stories

Download the fillable form here and share your story about being a community connector with us. Don’t forget to email the filled form to

Community Connector Stories - CD

Our Community Development team has come up with a range of resources, initiatives and activities to keep you engaged. For resources specific to COVID-19, head over to our Community Resources COVID-19 page.

Browse our other helpful Community Development resources and initiatives below:

1. Neighbourhood Connection Cards

Help a neighbour out by running an errand for them or simply providing a ear to listen (over the phone). Our neighbourhood connection cards can help! Simply tick what you think you can do on the card and slip it through your neighbour’s door / mailbox or share it with them digitally. You can download our Neighbourhood Connection Cards directly from here to fill digitally or print it yourself, or request the printed cards to be mailed out to you by emailing our community development team, to reach out and help your neighbours during self isolation.

2. Dream a Little Dream

Dreaming is always a nice thing to do. One activity that you can do by yourself or with family members is dream together. Use your isolation time to dream of things that are important to you and your family. What do they look like? How will they unfold? Who will be involved? What is your timeline? Then put together a list of the top five that you would like to follow up on when you come out of your house to make your dream come true. Download our Dream A Little Dream template to get you started! You can also download this exclusive template for your child here.

3. Have Your Say

Send your answers and thoughts to our community development team by filling our Get In Touch form or emailing 

Events and Activities

Our Community Development team regularly organises and supports events and activities that foster community building and nurture personal growth. Head over to our community events and activities page for more information and to stay up-to-date on current events, and browse our past events.

If you have an idea for event or activity you’d like to organise in your neighbourhood,  email the team today or message us on Facebook.



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