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Please note that due to COVID-19, we have currently paused all activity on Engage Canberra. Watch this space for an update on when you can start submitting your ideas again!

Your voice, your ideas

Do you want to play a part in building a better Canberra? To be a part of the conversation and make a difference?

Communities@Work is bringing you a chance to share your ideas through Engage Canberra. Engage Canberra is part of Communities@Work Innovation strategy. Through our ideas innovation platform, Ideascale, you have the opportunity to share your great ideas and work with others on their ideas.

This is your chance to help improve Communities@Work, to build a better Canberra, and to be a part of a conversation that will lead to a better future for the community. This is a place where Canberrans can explore problems, find solutions and draw on our collective strengths to work together to build a better Canberra community. Engage Canberra is your very own ideas community, your innovation platform, your solutions hub.

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Why share your ideas?

We see a world where our community is flourishing. Where everyone has a sense of belonging and has the opportunity to live a purposeful life and contribute to our shared success.

When you share your ideas, you contribute to this cause. You become a part of building a better Canberra, a better future.

Engage Canberra is not a feedback platform. It’s a place to share and grow all the great ideas we have.

We will keep track of all your ideas and you can not only watch it grow, you can help make it so! Engage Canberra will help us drive great ideas to reality. It will highlight gaps in our services and programs at Communities@Work. It will help us identify synergies and collaborations. It will help us improve our services and build new services that cater to you, a significant member of the Canberra community.

With your participation, you have the opportunity to influence Communities@Work policy and programs to suit your needs. You have the chance to use this platform to help us bring a change in Canberra on a wider spectrum. You have a chance for shaping Canberra’s future.

So, whether you’re a staff or a volunteer, a customer or a client, an associate or a benefactor, or simply a member of the Canberra community, hop on board and share your idea today! 

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Engage Canberra - Ideascale Community

How can you participate?

You need to register to submit your ideas or engage on the platform. You can register using your email address or a social media profile by visiting www.commsatwork.ideascale.com.

You can participate by submitting ideas, voting on ideas, commenting on ideas, and engaging with the idea-growth process. We encourage you to share your ideas on social media using the hashtag #EngageCBR. We will also share some great ideas and progression of ideas across our platforms!

For more information, refer to the Engage Canberra FAQs. 

How can I submit an idea?

When you are ready to submit your idea, begin by choosing the Idea Campaign it fits under. You can also choose a tag that matches your idea, and expand it by adding images and description.

An Idea Campaign is a ‘topic’ or a ‘problem’ around which you submit your ideas. Campaigns are curated by the Communities@Work Engagement Team.

If you have an idea that does not correspond to any of the existing idea campaigns, you can submit it under “Random Ideas.” Random ideas may evolve into their own campaigns too.

We will develop new campaigns regularly across a variety of topics, so come back often to see what’s new. We will also take your suggestions for campaigns.

What happens to my idea after it’s submitted?

Anyone on the platform will be able to see your idea, comment on it and vote. Based on viability, timing, scale, and relevancy, the Engagement Team will evaluate your idea and work to make it a reality.

Some ideas may only require a few resources or a small change that can be implemented right away as a quick win. Others might fit into programs or services already running. We will help refine and improve ideas through each stage, and ideas that make it through the funnel will emerge on the other side, ready to be implemented as a reality.

If the idea could use more refining, the timing isn’t right or can’t move forward for any reason, your idea doesn’t go away. Instead, your idea will move to the Incubation Lab. The lab is another way for your idea to grow.

There are 421,000 people in Canberra. That’s a lot of good ideas! Let’s get started. Let’s Engage Canberra

For any questions about the Ideascale community, check out our FAQs section or get in touch with us.


Submit your idea today!*

*Watch this space for updates on when you can start submitting ideas again.

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