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  • Spotlight on our Galilee School

    Spotlight on our Galilee School

    Our Galilee School is a registered, independent secondary school designed specifically for disengaged and vulnerable young people in years 7-10 in the ACT and surrounding areas. Students of the Galilee School are those for whom the mainstream schooling environment struggles to deliver positive learning outcomes.

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  • Meet the Educator: Teri-Lee

    Meet the Educator: Teri-Lee

    We have some amazing and inspiring Educators across our Children’s Services at Communities@Work. Teri-Lee is one of them and this is her incredible story.

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  • Meet the Educator: Adla

    Meet the Educator: Adla

    I’ve had many great moments over the years but there are a few that have stood out to me. One that I’ll always remember is when a child came to me with a huge picture that she had drawn of my house..

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