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Our Logo

Our logo helps to tell our story of the positive, innovative work we do in the Canberra community. It helps to communicate who we are. The font is friendly, approachable and welcoming. The logo includes a graphic representation of community coming together.

Our logo is presented in our primary brand colour, orange. It can be presented as orange on a white background, orange on a solid dark background (such as navy or black), or as a white logo on an orange rectangular background. But it must always be presented with the correct clear space around it.

Our logo has options of centre-aligned (main, preferred option), left-aligned, and right-aligned. For those who partner or work with us in some way, there are also logo variation options available for use (see below). In all instances, please refer to our Style Guides (see below) for how to use Communities at Work’s visual brand identity and language.


Our Main Logo

Click to download the logo you require.


Our Logo Variations

Click to download the logo you require. For information on which logo to use and when, please refer to page 14 of our Brand Style Guide.



Our Style Guides

Our style guides help to make sure our brand is correctly represented, both in terms of its visual identity, and in terms of the language that is used when communicating our programs and services.



Our Brand Style Guide contains everything you need to know about our visual identity, from logo, colours and fonts to photography and other design elements.

It also includes information about our logo variations for individuals and groups we are supporting, sponsoring or partnering with.

Click here to download Communities at Work’s Brand Style Guide.




Our Language Style Guide contains everything you need to know about the language we use at Communities at Work. At all times, we aim for inclusive and accessible language.

This guide also includes references to important sector-specific language. Read this guide to find out what terminology we use and how we use it.

Click here to download Communities at Work’s Language Guide.


How do I find out more information?

For more information about our brand and how to use it, call (02) 6293 6500 and ask to speak to the Marketing Team, or click here Get in Touch.



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