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Communities at Work supports the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Canberra community through a range of support services. You can help us help them.

Donate food and other essentials to Communities@Work

Make a donation and support the Canberra community 

Will you help us help those in need? We work hard throughout the year to help the local community through our community food pantries, clothing program and op shop, crisis support and accommodation support service.  When you make a donation to us, you become a part of the social impact we create. (And as a registered charity, your donation is tax deductible!).

Our community support services (social programs) help those in need by providing support for food, clothing, accommodation, and emergency relief. Every year, we help almost 15,000 vulnerable people who come to our community food pantries to access food, household and personal care items.

You can help us in this mission in several ways:

Communities at Work Winter Appeal - Help People in Need

Help those struggling this winter

Hundreds of Canberrans are experiencing hardship as the winter gets colder. They don’t have access to warm clothing, heating, warm homes or food, or opportunities to finish their education. We can’t change how people got into hardship, but we can help make things better for them. You can help too by making a tax-deductible monetary donation. As Communities at Work don’t get ongoing government funding, we rely on the support of individuals, businesses and organisations in our local community.

Here are four ways you can help:
2. Run a food donation drive. Find out more here. 
3. Run a CANstruction can drive (a friendly competition among your work teams to see who can create the most interesting display from food items, which then get donated to us)!
4. Set up an online fundraiser. Find out more.
Thank you for your support!

Make a monetary donation

Your monetary donations will be used to stock our community pantries with food and essential items, to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community. Your donations will also help our support services for clothing and accommodation. We may also use your donations to provide emergency relief to an individual or family in need.

Click on the button below to visit our donate money page and find out more. (Remember, it’s tax deductible).


Donate food and other essentials

We are always happy to accept donations of food (everyday meals, baby needs, tinned food etc) and other essential items (personal hygiene items, cleaning products etc) for our community pantries. For more information on what you can donate, where to drop off your donations, and how your donations can help, visit our Donate Essentials page.


Donate clothing

Your clothing donations support our clothing program, helping vulnerable people in the Canberra community get dressed for interviews, work, special occasions and other important events. For more information on what clothes you can donate and where to drop off your clothing donations, visit our Donate Clothes page.



For more information on the ways we help those in need, please visit our support services page here.

Find out more about our other community services here. 

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