In Home Care (Child Care)

In-Home Care occurs in the family's own home. It's a flexible form of child care that is targeted at families who need this type of care the most.

About In-Home Care

In-Home Care (IHC) is an approved type of child care service that’s part of the Australian Government’s child care package. 

Communities at Work’s In-Home Care Service has achieved an overall rating of Exceeding NQS. 

In-Home Care supports families across the ACT and Greater Captial Region whose care needs sit outside of normal requirements.  Families using In-Home Care are supported by self-employed educators who deliver education and care within the family’s home.  Each educator works with the family and their complex needs to ensure children within the program thrive to their full potential. These self-employed educators are supported by the Communities at Work’s Coordination Unit.

Families looking to access approved In-Home Care need to meet a set of specific guidelines including the inability to access other types of approved child care. 

As an IHC Service Provider, Communities at Work In-Home Care educators are required to provide subsidised care only for:

  • children of individuals eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)
  • families that demonstrate that no other types of approved child care are suitable or available at the times required by the child(ren) AND where one or more of the following eligibility criteria, apply:
    • the parents or carers of the child are working non-standard or variable hours, outside normal child care service hours
    • the parents or carers of the child are geographically isolated from other types of approved child care, including because they reside in a rural or remote location
    • the family has a challenging or complex need

Families wishing to find out more about this service should contact the In Home Care Support Agency on 1800 940 906 or via email.

Our Impact: Caring Through Illness

“When my wife was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer during pregnancy, and I was working full-time, we knew we were going to need assistance with Rory. Nicole came to our home as an educator and she’s been absolutely wonderful and a real blessing to us.

She has formed a close bond with Rory and become a part of te family. She is continuously looking for opportunities and activities to further Rory’s learning and development and goes above and beyond her duties, remaining flexible to our ever-changing circumstances. I’m confident she’d do anything for Rory and Rory loves her and trusts her wholeheartedly.

It puts us at ease and gives us a sense of security knowing we have Nicole taking care of our children. She embodies the spirit of Communities at Work.”

– Joel, In-Home Care Parent 

Communities at Work’s In-Home Care

We’ve had two educators that have been with us for over 10 years. One of them is Nicole. Oer the past 18 months, Nicole has provided care for Joel’s family living with a terminal illness.   Nicole’s dedication to supporting the family and going above and beyond won her an award in our Family Day Care and In-Home Care biennial awards night and a mention in the Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine.

In-Home Care can be a challenging career choice. That is why Communities at Work’s support coordination unit provides assistance to our self-employed IHC educators. It’s a small service that is only accessible to families in special circumstances (as mentioned above), and all enquiries must be managed with the IHC Support Agency.

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