Galilee School Years 7-10

Galilee school provides students from Years 7-10 with a quality education aligned with the Australian Curriculum and modified to meet the needs of the individual, as outlined in each student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

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Learning at Galilee School Years 7-10

Being the only Special Assistance school in the Canberra region, the learning environments available at Galilee provides a range of opportunities for students to engage with their learning and to explore individual interests and passions while improving social and emotional capabilities.

One of the aims of the school is to increase education and employment opportunities for students. Training, skill development and job readiness support, for students transitioning to the workforce or to further educational opportunities, is provided.

Communities at Work Galilee School meets the individual education needs of all students via a flexible support model that is learner-centred, strengths-based, relationship-driven and restorative. Our program builds and develops long-term resilience and resourcefulness in the young people attending the school.

Galilee School offers a supportive, engaging and flexible learning environment in which skilled teachers and youth workers implement programs designed to meet the educational needs of each student, aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Our students leave the school with a heightened sense of respect for themselves and for others as well as having increased levels of self-confidence. We seek to inspire young people to realise their full potential by developing and utilising their unique talents and capabilities. We aid students to find a sense of purpose and value in themselves as productive and worthwhile members of our community.

The program provided by our Special Assistance School does not focus on a ‘quick fix’, but rather seeks to nurture long-term resilience and resourcefulness. In essence, we at Galilee School create a holistic package to help students mature into responsible young adults and lay the platform for a successful future.

What Parents Say

In our parent feedback survey (2020), we found high levels of satisfaction:

  • 100% of parents believe that we treat students fairly
  • 100% of parents believe that student behaviour is well managed at school
  • 100% of parents describe their relationship with staff as positive
  • 89% of parents believe that their child is making good progress at the school

What Students Say

In our student feedback survey (2020), we found high levels of satisfaction from our students:

  • 97% of students describe their relationship with staff as positive
  • 94% of students feel like they belong at Galilee School
  • 87% of students rate the quality of teaching as either good, very good or excellent
  • 70% of students feel either extremely safe or very safe on campus with the remaining 23% feeling somewhat safe

“Thank you to all the staff from Galilee who gave me a chance and never gave up on me when times were difficult. I wouldn’t have received my Year 10 certificate if it wasn’t for all the amazing staff here. I adjusted to this school quickly because I had friends and staff who were always eager to help and guide me and for that I am really grateful.”

– Sibel, Year 10 Graduate 2019

Our Teaching Focus

The focus of our special assistance school is on targeted teaching and individual learning plans. The general capabilities are a focus of the teaching, as they play a significant role in the Australian Curriculum in equipping young Australians to live and work successfully. These include Literacy, Numeracy, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding and Intercultural Understanding.

Our Galilee School’s Transition Teacher and Senior Secondary College Coordinator Melissa Smith won the 2020 Career Advisors Association NSW & ACT Award for Excellence in Student Engagement

We also place a strong focus on reading and writing. Our Reading Program started in 2016 and is now a constant part of the timetable. We launched our Writing Program in 2019 and encourage low-stakes writing. We focus on empowering the students and build student capacity to participate in sustained writing while developing a willingness to try without the fear of failure.

Find out more about our Teaching and Student Support Philosophy at our special assistance Galilee School here.

Galilee School, its teachers, youth support workers and Tim are beyond exceptional to the children attending. My child’s needs were met in every way with never any feeling of judgement or resentment shown. I only hope the school continues to grow and produce beautiful adults into our world. 

-Parent, Satisfaction Survey 2018

Galilee School Kambah campus classroom building

Our Referral Process

Since Galilee School is an independent special assistance school, referrals to the school can be made by a family member, a youth worker or caseworker, may come from the school the student is currently attending or can even be made by the young person themselves.

Referrals should be made directly to the school and are accepted at all times of the year – with new students generally commencing at the start of each term (depending on when referral and enrolment processes can be completed). At various times of the year, we may establish a waiting list. The waiting list is regularly reviewed as placements become available. 

student playing guitar in music class at Galilee School

Galilee School students go to Warehouse Circus class

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