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Communities@Work’s Galilee School is a registered, independent secondary school for disengaged and vulnerable young people in Years 7-10 in the ACT and surrounding areas for whom the mainstream schooling environment has struggled to deliver positive learning outcomes.

Please click here to access our Guardians and Community Resources Page for important information relevant to the current COVID-19 situation, including the remote learning strategy, and other resources for Galilee School students and parents/guardians. 

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About Communities@Work Galilee School

Galilee School offers a supportive and flexible learning program that aims to meet the individual needs of students. We operate two campuses in Canberra: one in Holder for Year 10 and one in Kambah for Year 7-9. Our team of skilled teachers, youth workers and support staff are able to support students presenting with a range of learning abilities.

The independent school provides students with a quality education aligned with the Australian Curriculum and modified to meet the needs of the individual, as outlined in each student’s Individualised Learning Plan.

Galilee School offers a supportive, engaging and flexible learning environment in which skilled teachers and youth workers implement programs designed to meet the educational needs of each student, aligned with the Australian Curriculum 

Learning at Galilee School

The learning environment available at the School provides a range of opportunities for students to engage with their learning and to explore individual interests and passions while improving social and emotional capabilities.

One of the aims of the school is to increase education and employment opportunities for students. Training, skill development and job readiness support, for students transitioning to the workforce or to further educational opportunities, is provided.

Communities@Work Galilee School meets the individual education needs of all students via a flexible support model that is learner-centred, strengths-based, relationship-driven and restorative. Our program builds and develops long-term resilience and resourcefulness in the young people attending the school.

Our students leave the school with a heightened sense of respect for themselves and for others as well as having increased levels of self-confidence. We seek to inspire young people to realise their full potential by developing and utilising their unique talents and capabilities. We aid students to find a sense of purpose and value in themselves as productive and worthwhile members of our community.

The program provided by the school does not focus on a ‘quick fix’, but rather seeks to nurture long-term resilience and resourcefulness. In essence, we at Galilee School create a holistic package to help students mature into responsible young adults and lay the platform for a successful future.

Our Referral Process

Referrals to Galilee School can be made by a family member, a youth worker or caseworker, may come from the school the student is currently attending or can be made by the young person themselves.

Referrals should be made directly to the School and are accepted at all times of the year – with new students generally commencing at the start of each term (depending on when referral and enrolment processes can be completed). At various times of the year, we may establish a waiting list. The waiting list is regularly reviewed as placements become available. 

Galilee School is also participating in the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). This program is funded by the Australian Government and administered by the ACT Government. Please visit our Parents/Guardians’ Resources Page for more information.

For more information, please Get In Touch
Alternatively, you can call us on (02) 6293 6314

If you’re looking for Galilee School Year 11 and 12 – Senior Secondary College, please visit this page.


Galilee School

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Galilee School Teachers


Please refer to our Guardians and Community Resources Page for important information relevant to the current COVID-19 situation, including the remote learning strategy, learning plan, plan for social and emotional support, and other resources for Galilee School students and parents/guardians.

Work at Galilee School

Galilee School is establishing a Senior Secondary College for Year 11 and 12. We are currently recruiting for multiple positions including Teacher, Learning Support Assistants, Vocational Coordinator, and Youth Worker. Please click on the button below for more information.


Galilee School offers a supportive and flexible learning program that aims to meet the individual needs of students. The school is fortunate to have a team of highly skilled educators, youth workers and support staff who are able to support students.

The school seeks to employ registered teachers whose experiences are greater than a ‘normal’ mainstream environment and whose life experiences add value to the nature of teaching and learning at Galilee. All staff undergo training in Trauma-Informed Practice, Accidental Counsellor, Positive Behaviour Support, Disability Standards in Education, as well as relevant and ongoing professional learning throughout the year.

The learning environments at Galilee provide a range of opportunities for our students to re-engage with their learning and to constructively connect to their community by building their resilience, health, independence, and social and emotional life skills. This not only changes their lives but impacts their future.

Working with the school means becoming a part of this impact. It means helping our children navigate complex challenges, and building them a better future. It means supporting them in their education, learning and skill-building, and supporting the school in offering an alternative model of education that delivers positive outcomes.

If you’re an educator or youth worker interested in becoming a part of the Galilee School Canberra community, please send your expression of interest to


What Our Current Staff Say

“The young people we encounter are a privilege to get to know and work with. Their life experiences are often difficult to imagine yet their bravery through those challenges show an incredible amount of resilience which I feel brings more strength into the world. As a Youth Worker, my role can be incredibly challenging but the inspiration and strength I see in the young people make those struggles worth every moment. Seeing young people succeed at something they genuinely believed they never would be able to do, is a beautiful thing to be a part of. Kaila Drysdale, Youth Worker   

“What drew me to applying for a job at Galilee was the passion for helping young people as unique individuals. I was inspired by the dedication and commitment of the staff towards positively engaging with the young people who come here to reconnect with learning. I sensed the caring nature and community spirit and knew that I’d love the opportunity to contribute to that as well. – Raylene Power-James, Teacher   

“What I love about Galilee, and particularly the Year 10 campus, is watching the growth in maturity, attitude and pride they have in their schooling throughout the year. From students who are disengaged about school, to students wanting to attempt college, get a job or get a trade when they leave is an amazing thing to be a part of. I’d choose to work at Galilee School over any other school in the ACT!”Craig Higham,  Campus Coordinator / Teacher 

“There are so many reasons I love working at Galilee School but I guess if I had to choose, I would say that it is the relationships that are the key for me.  Relationships are key to the work we do with our students and Galilee School provides us with the opportunity to build close relationships with students. Beyond the students, the relationships amongst the staff are pretty special too.”   Lisa Hivers, Head of Teaching and Learning  

“Students at Galilee get to experience success in ways they have never experienced it before. Many have negative associations with schooling and working to break that cycle and build positive experiences is a privilege.” Mel Smith, Senior Secondary College Coordinator / Transition Teacher   

You can also contact Galilee School through Get In Touch or look at existing vacancies on our careers page. 




Kambah Campus, Years 7 to 9 - Galilee School

244 Kambah Pool Road, KAMBAH ACT, 2902

Holder Campus, Year 10 - Galilee School

172 Dixon Drive, Holder ACT, 2611

Kambah Campus, Years 7 to 9 - Galilee School

244 Kambah Pool Road, KAMBAH ACT, 2902

Holder Campus, Year 10 - Galilee School

172 Dixon Drive, Holder ACT, 2611

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