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Support Communities at Work through regular, tax-deductible donations. Make a difference in the Canberra community.

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Payroll Giving Schemes in the Workplace

Workplace giving, also known as Payroll Giving, is an easy, tax-efficient way for you to support Communities at Work. Individuals nominate to contribute a portion of their pre-tax salary (could be as little as $5) every pay cycle to a charity of choice (either picked by the employee or recommended by the employer). This ensures giving back to the community while earning a tax benefit straight away, as opposed to waiting until the end of the financial year.

Since Communities at Work is a registered charity with a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, whether you’re an employer or employee, we encourage you to support us by setting up a workplace giving program.

Workplace Giving Programs: Employer

If you are an employer, you can set up a workplace giving program and choose Communities at Work as your organisation’s charity of choice, encouraging your employees to participate. Please note that both the employee and the employer must agree to participate for payroll deduction to occur towards a charity. This optional, simple and effective method will help you do your bit to support the Canberra community as a workplace while enabling your employees to regularly make tax-deductible donations.

Employee workplace giving information is subject to privacy laws. You cannot release information to Communities at Work without the express written permission of each employee.

If you would like to include Communities at Work in your workplace giving program, please contact our Support Services for hardship (Social Programs) team. We’ll provide you with our account deposit details (enabling you to make lump sum deposits) and support your program by providing information/resources about our organisation to encourage your employees to jump on board!

By supporting workplace giving at your business or organisation, you will not only help us help the community but also enhance their reputation, fulfil your corporate social responsibility and/or boost staff morale and retention. Many employers also match their employee donations dollar for dollar!

Workplace Giving as an Employee

If you are an employee, you can donate money directly through your pay on a regular basis and receive a tax deduction as you give. In the first instance, talk to your employer and let them know that you’d like to make regular donations to Communities at Work from your pre-tax salary every pay cycle. Advise them of the amount and of Communities at Work’s details. Get in touch with our Support Services for hardship (Social Programs) team for more information.

“If just ten percent of working Australians donated $5 each week from their pay, the Australian community would benefit by more than $260 million each year. That’s a lot of social good we can do.”  – Michelle Colefax, CEO Communities at Work

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