Workplace Giving and Bequests

Two other ways you can get involved in showing your support for Communities at Work is through workplace giving or leaving a bequest.

Thank you from Communities@Work - Workplace Giving and Leaving Bequests

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving, also known as Payroll Giving, is an easy, tax-efficient way for you to support Communities at Work. If you are an employee, you can donate money directly through your pay on a regular basis and receive a tax deduction as you give. If you are an employer, you can easily set up a payroll giving scheme to support your employees’ charitable giving.

By supporting workplace giving at your business or organisation, you will not only help us help the community but also enhance their reputation, fulfil your corporate social responsibility and/or boost staff morale and retention. Many employers also match their employee donations dollar for dollar!

“If just ten per cent of working Australians made a payroll charity donation of $5 a week, the Australian community would benefit by more than $260 million each year.” Ted Kerr, CEO of Australian Charities Fund.

Contact us to add Communities at Work donations to your payroll.

Leave a Bequest

Bequests are a wonderful way to be remembered for making a difference to the community in which you have lived. A legacy in your will is a testimony to your kindness and concern for others. A bequest to Communities at Work is also an investment in our future and helps us to look forward with confidence to helping the most vulnerable members of our community.

You can make a bequest to Communities at Work in one of the following ways:

  • Allocate a specific amount of money, items or property to Communities at Work
  • Designate the residual of your estate to Communities at Work
  • Nominate Communities at Work as a beneficiary to your insurance policy
  • Establish a trust fund where the interest earned is donated to Communities at Work
  • Encourage direct donations to Communities at Work at your funeral service.

Simply include the following wording in your Will:

“I, …………………….. bequeath $…………………… to Communities at Work to be used specifically for (name specific program) or to be a applied to any of its services and programs as it desires. I declare that the receipt from Communities at Work shall be a full discharge to my Executors for the said bequest, the bequest being free from probate and estate duties.”

For more information, get in touch with us.

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