Christmas Donations Appeal

No one should have to miss out on Christmas. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns have seen an increase in people experiencing hardship and needing extra support. Please help us bring them a little joy at Christmas by supporting our Communities@Work Christmas Appeal.

Donate food and gifts for Communities@Work Christmas Appeal

Christmas Donations: Donate Gifts, Food or Money

Whether you’re an individual, business, or a community, you can help vulnerable people and Canberrans in need make their Christmas special, by donating to the Communities at Work Christmas Appeal 2021.

We encourage groups (workplaces, businesses, shops, community groups etc) to host a ‘Giving Tree’ every year i.e. a Christmas drive to raise funds or collect donations of food and gifts. 

As an individual too, you can donate food, gifts or toys for both adults and children – or even money – to help vulnerable people, by sending your donations directly to Communities at Work.

How can I donate to your Christmas Appeal?

There are several ways you can support Communities@Work’s Christmas Appeal. See all the options below!

Make a Financial Donation this Christmas

Donate money online to our website. We will then use that money to buy gifts and food to stock our ‘Christmas Caves’ for our vulnerable clients.

Click here to make a financial donation. 

Send us a Gift Card to Pass Along 

Email us an e-gift card at You can also send us a gift card by post at Communities@Work, PO Box 1066, Tuggeranong ACT 2901, or drop off your gift card at our Tuggeranong or Gungahlin Community Centres. We will then present your gift card to a client of our community pantry or crisis support programs for Christmas! If you choose to send us your gift card by post, we strongly encourage you to also let us know by phone (6293 6500) or email (

Host a Virtual Giving Tree and Encourage Online Donations

If you would like to organise a drive for online donations (whether you’re a business or community group encouraging your staff, clients or community members to donate), you can do so by placing a link to the Communities@Work’s Donation Portal anywhere you like. We’ll provide you with the link as well as a QR code that you can place anywhere you like.

Visit our Giving Tree Toolkit page for more information and to get the link & QR code.

You can post the link provided in an email to friends and colleagues, place it in a newsletter, put it somewhere on your website, or even share it on your social media. You can put the QR code in printed materials whether it’s a poster or a flyer. Either way, the QR code/link will direct people straight to our donations page and support our Christmas Appeal.

If you fill out our Get in touch form and register to host a virtual giving treethis will help us set up a personalised section on our donate page tailored to your workplace/organisation/group. We can then track and advise you of your group’s total donations!

Check out our handy toolkit of tips and resources and get started: Browse our giving tree toolkit.  

Host a Traditional Giving Tree to Collect Christmas Donations

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 restrictions, we have to do things a little differently this year, focusing on virtual giving to help keep everyone safe. If you would like to host a traditional Giving Tree at your workplace or community space, to collect donations of food and gifts for our Christmas Appeal, you are, of course, very welcome to.

You can set up a traditional giving tree to collect donations of gifts and food at your workplace, shop or community space. Here are some resources you might find useful: Click here to access our giving tree toolkit.   Please note: to protect everyone’s health, we will not be sending staff and volunteers to collect your donations.

Once your donation drive is complete, you will need to drop off your donations at one of our centres. We are able to accept donations via a contactless drop off at the Tuggeranong or Gungahlin Community Centres. Please email or browse our giving tree toolkit page here for more information. Don’t forget to register for our Christmas Appeal on our Get in Touch page too!

Use Social Media to Promote your Giving Tree

Promote our Christmas Appeal on your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media pages by sharing the link to our donation page. You can also create a simple video message encouraging your followers to donate. Here’s some suggested wording you can use.

Distribute our Christmas Tree Donation Tags

Display a pile of our Christmas Tree printed tags at your reception area – or hang them on your Giving Tree for people to collect. These tags have a QR code so people can easily donate online to our Appeal.

Contact us and we’ll send you a bundle of tags (phone 6293 6500 or email or download a printable pdf sheet here. 

Order Donations Online and Get Them Delivered to Us

If you would like to donate food or gifts to us directly, you can place an order online through your retailer of choice, and get them to send your donation to:

Canberra Christmas Appeal, Communities@Work Tuggeranong, 245 Cowlishaw Street, Greenway ACT 2900. 

Please ensure the delivery slot is between Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pm. You can also send us an email at and let us know that you have placed an online order so we’ll keep an eye out!

Do your Online Shopping through Shopnate 

If you like to shop online, then try shopping through Shopnate. Shopnate is Australia’s No. 1 good cause shopping platform. Each time you shop online at hundreds of well-known retailers on the platform, a percentage of everything you spend goes to Communities@Work – at no cost to you. What’s more, Shopnate provides numerous deals and coupons so you get to save as well.  A great way to do your online shopping – and do good at the same time. Find out more on the Communities@Work’s Shopnate Page. 

What kind of Christmas donations do you need?

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are focusing on virtual donations (monetary donations through our website, e-gift cards, online donation drives through work/community groups, and Shopnate online shopping). We will then use your virtual donations to buy gifts and food for our vulnerable clients to bring joy to them this Christmas! 

However, if you prefer to donate gifts and food yourself, we have made a list of suggested items for which we see the most need in the community, particularly during the festive season. Please use this list as a guide. You can download the pdf list here, or have a look at the image below. 

2021 GivingTree_Donationlist

Where do I bring my Christmas donations?

If you’ve collected food or gifts to donate this Christmas, you can drop off your donations at the below sites. We’ll accept your donations in a COVID-safe and contactless manner. Please don’t forget to use the Check-In CBR App at all locations! 

  • Communities@Work Tuggeranong (Tuggeranong Community Centre), 245 Cowlishaw Street, Greenway (open Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm) 
  • Communities@Work Gungahlin (Gungahlin Community Centre), 47 Ernest Cavanagh Street, Gungahlin (Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm) 
  • Communities@Work Weston Creek (172 Dixon Drive, Holder, Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm) 

We’ll update the location list as and when other places/organisations/shops begin accepting donations for Communities@Work. 


Frequently Asked Questions: Christmas Donations

If you’re wondering how many people we assist, how donations are accessed, how much food we receive, how many gifts we give out, etc. you can view our frequently asked questions page. If you have further questions or concerns, you can contact us via our  Get in Touch page or email us at 

Download our  Christmas Appeal FAQs (FACT SHEET) here. 

Year-Round Collection Points for Donations

We also have year-round donation bins collecting non-perishable food at:

  • Cooleman Court – near the lift, lower ground floor
  • Calwell Shopping Centre
  • Gungahlin Marketplace (outside Woolworths)
  • South.Point Tuggeranong (Best Dressed Store, ground floor, down from Nexus newsagency and escalator)
  • Communities@Work Tuggeranong (Tuggeranong Community Centre)
  • Communities@Work Gungahlin (Gungahlin Community Centre)
  • Communities@Work Weston Creek (172 Dixon Drive)


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