Accommodation and Housing Support

If you are, or at risk of being, homeless, we can help you. We offer two types of services - homelessness support and a transitional housing program.

Please call 02 6293 6500 to request an appointment for housing support. You can also use the Get in Touch form (click here) to reach out. 

Help if you’re Homeless

If you are homeless or are at risk of being homeless, we can help you by providing:

  • bedding (where available)
  • food
  • hygiene items
  • payment of medical scripts (capped)
  • charging and phone use
  • referrals and information to supports
  • access to showers – not available during the covid-19 lockdown
  • shower packs

For more information, visit our Crisis Support page here, or get in touch with us here.

Transitional Housing

We provide transitional housing for families experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. All referrals are through OneLink.  Please contact them in the first instance if this is a service you need.

Our Reach Home program provides safe, rent-subsidised transitional accommodation in Canberra for families in need for 6-18 months while together we explore and support the search for a long-term housing solution.

We visit families in these homes to help work on goals, such as budgeting, rental applications, navigating other services and addressing issues that caused or impact on homelessness. We accompany clients to appointments and provide outreach support for a period of 3 months after secure housing has been found.

This program is one of a number of specialist services in the ACT. Referrals are received through OneLink.

In 2019, we provided 11,680 nights of accommodation. Families engaged in our Reach Home program for an average of 383 bed nights. 

Help with Housing during COVID-19

We have continued to help people in Canberra with safe and supported transitional accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families have been provided with hygiene items, a secure source of food, and disposable masks. We have worked through any questions the families have had about their safety and government instructions. This has been very important to families, especially those for whom English is not the first language. We have also passed on rent suspensions received from ACT Government to our clients.

Contact OneLink to link into Housing options: 


Phone: 1800 176 468

Interpreter Service: If you require an interpreter, please call the Telephone Interpreter Service at 131 450 and ask them to call OneLink on 1800 176 468.


Phone support service: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Housing ACT Central Access Point, Nature Conservation House 

Phone support service: Saturday and Sunday, 12.30pm to 5pm
Woden Community Service, 26 Corinna Street (opposite Westfield Woden)

We welcome the opportunity to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as well as people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Impact

There are various ways we can help someone who is or at risk of being homeless with our Reach Home Program. One such example of the story of our impact:

A single mother with four children was referred to our Reach Home Program by OneLink after being evicted from their property due to inability to pay the rent, following a marriage breakdown. The referral saved them from being homeless. The family had come to Australia as refugees from Africa, had very limited English and no family and community support.

We placed them in a large home with plenty of space, assisted them to gain access to regular food hampers and hygiene items, guided them through Centrelink, and organised a financial counsellor.  We supported her to maintain her housing by setting up direct debits and managing ongoing bills. The family were settled with schooling and other services.

We also worked collaboratively with their family support worker, visited them weekly, organised financial support to keep the family car on the road so that the children could continue to access stable schooling, and assisted them to negotiate living skills related to the threat of bushfires and the pandemic. By supporting the family to meet their goals, we helped them to advance to ACT Housing’s Priority waitlist. 




Communities@Work Homelessness Support



Contact Information

There is no eligibility to access our crisis support and homelessness support services. please contact us directly to make an appointment.

Make an Appointment with Communities at Work:

Call us on 02 6293 6500 or submit an enquiry through the Get in Touch form here if you require support.

Please remember that you require a referral from OneLink to access our Transitional Housing Support.

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