Community Services

Besides providing Children's services and Professional Training and Qualifications., we are focused on building a strong and inclusive Canberra community, and support the community through aa range of community services (as listed below).

Communities@Work Community Services

Support Services: Food, Clothing and Accommodation 

As Canberra’s largest not for profit organisation, we provide a range of community services to support the vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk individuals and families in the community. This includes offering support for food, clothing, accommodation (homelessness support), and other critical services such as crisis support and emergency relief  to those who are in need.

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Lifestyles Services: Seniors, Disability and Transport  

As a community organisation, we offer interesting, engaging and interactive activities and programs for seniors across Canberra and at our seniors’ centres.

As a disability service provider and an NDIS provider, we pursue a service culture that focuses on upholding human rights and fostering the well-being, inclusion, safety and quality of life of people with disability. We offer a host of services, programs and activities as part of our disability services.

Our community transport service is a lifeline for many people. It assists clients to have continued independence and confidence by transporting them to medical and para-medical appointments, social and community activities, shopping centres or to visit loved ones in residential care.

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Community Development

We run a host of community activities and events, both at our Tuggeranong and Gungahlin community centres and in the broader Canberra community. Our community development team leads these initiatives while fostering broader relationships in the community and enabling capacity building with asset-based community development. We also support new and emerging communities such as Denman Prospect.

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Galilee School

Our registered, independent secondary school, Galilee School, supports young people for whom the mainstream schooling environment struggles to deliver positive learning outcomes. We offer special assistance schooling for Years 7-10 and have expanded to Year 11 and 12.

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Find out more about our social impact in our Annual Report and on our social impact page. Visit this page to find out how you can get involved with us to support the Canberra community.

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