Community Services

A strong and inclusive community is one that cares for the well-being of all.

We provide ‘The Essentials’ – food, clothing, shelter and other critical services to those who are in need.  This inclusive service is open five days a week.

We offer interesting, engaging and interactive activities for seniors and also run a host of other social inclusion activities for younger and more mature people too.

As a disability service provider, we pursue a service culture that focuses on upholding human rights and fostering the well-being, inclusion, safety and quality of life of people with disability.

Our transport service is a lifeline to many people. It assists clients to have continued independence and confidence by transporting them to medical and para-medical appointments, social and community activities, shopping centres or to visit loved ones in residential care.

Our registered, independent secondary school supports young people for whom the mainstream schooling environment struggles to deliver positive learning outcomes.

We offer regular and casual multi-purpose room hire seven days a week

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