Galilee School Senior Secondary College Year 11 and 12

The Galilee School Senior Secondary College opened in February 2021, with Year 11s starting at our Holder Campus. The Senior Secondary College offers a boutique range of accredited (A) subjects to enable students who struggle in mainstream school environments to achieve their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.

Why a Galilee School Senior Secondary College?

In 2020, we identified that our Year 10 students were leaving us with firm transition plans in place, but many were not thriving once they moved back into mainstream schools or went on to further training opportunities.

This motivated us to establish the Galilee School Senior Secondary College for Year 11 and 12 students, as we believe there is a need in the ACT for a Special Assistance School that operates at the senior secondary level.

The Galilee School Year 11 and 12 (Senior Secondary College) offers a boutique range of accredited (A) subjects that have been strategically identified with the support of the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) to enable students to achieve their ACT (Year 12) Senior Secondary Certificate.

The learning program for Galilee School Year 11 and 12 students is responsive to the individual student’s needs and provides students with significant support and adjustments as needed. It enables teachers and support staff to work intensively with each student.

Galilee School hospitality teacher and student

The new College gives young people a unique opportunity to achieve their Year 12 Certificate without having to return to a mainstream environment.

Galilee School Year 11-12 Handbook

For more information on the College, please download our Handbook here. 

You may also get in touch with us here for further details.

What Our Staff Say

“I was excited to take on the coordination for the new Year 11-12 college because of the school’s unique position in enabling young people to achieve positive learning outcomes and put their best foot forward. For me, the core of working at Galilee is also about being a part of this not-for-profit organisation that supports the Canberra community.”

– Benjamin Brown, Curriculum Coordinator

“There are so many reasons I love working at the School but I guess if I had to choose, I would say that it is the relationships that are the key for me.  Relationships are key to the work we do with our students and the school provides us with the opportunity to build close relationships with students.  

– Lisa Hivers, Head of Teaching and Learning

Galilee School design tech class

Galilee School woodwork class

Curriculum Journeys

We are offering two study options for a student’s learning journey towards their Senior Secondary Certificate. Each of these options has capped placement numbers based on the resources of the school.  

Learning Journey 1 

Essential English A 

Contemporary Maths A 

Timber Products A 

Construction Pathways A 

Learning Journey 2  

Essential English A 

Contemporary Maths A 

Hospitality A 

Connected Learning A 

To qualify for a Senior Secondary Certificate students need to attend 90% of classes in each unit and complete at least 70% of their assessments for each unit across a semester. 

Find out more about our Teaching and Student Support Philosophy here.

Timetable Structure  

Morning classes run from 9  12pm (one ‘block’) and afternoon classes run from 12:30  3:30pm (another ‘block’), with structured breaks built-in by classroom teachers.  

Each full-time student is expected to attend 4 block classes per week (each block is three hours). For most students, these classes take place over two full days. 

A third day each week will be a supported study day, where each student can opt to attend school to access “study support” and complete their flexible classes or catch up on other work with school staff available to support.  

The remaining 1-2 days in the week are allocated to work experience, volunteering, or an ASBA or vocational training (where appropriate). 

We also support students to engage in work experience, VET courses, ASBAs, volunteering and other communitybased activities as appropriate. 

Senior Secondary College Locations


All Year 11 students will be at Holder for most classes. Construction and Timber Products classes will be in Kambah. All Year 12 students will be based at Kambah. All students move to the new purpose-built campus facility at Kambah in 2023. 

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