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Communities@Work’s Centre of Professional Learning and Education (RTO 88148), is offering eligible candidates the opportunity to enrol into one of our training courses through a User Choice funded traineeship, for new and existing employees. Our traineeships are combined with structured training and paid work, allowing trainees to earn while they learn and receive a nationally recognised qualification.

Benefits of a Traineeship

  • Earn while you learn!
  • Networking opportunities for trainees.
  • Training skills and knowledge to meet the needs of your business.
  • Structured training in a flexible learning environment including face to face, online learning and on-the-job training.
  • A cost effective way of study with Government funding to subsidize the cost of training
  • Financial incentives for both the trainee and employer, pending trainee eligibility.
  • Attainment of a nationally recognised qualification on successful completion of the training course.

Our Traineeship Model 

Our traineeship model is designed to be flexible for both the student and employer, tailoring the training course to your needs by providing a variety of blended education opportunities. Our quality, evidence-based approach to delivering our training programs, consists of a range of teaching and learning strategies, including;

  • face to face workshops
  • webinars
  • workshop tasks
  • online learning
  • projects
  • on-the-job learning and assessment

What is User Choice Funding?

User Choice funding arrangements provide subsidised apprenticeships and traineeships. User Choice is a national funding policy funded by the ACT and Australian Governments and is available to eligible learners who are undertaking a nationally recognised qualification. The User Choice funded training contract is initiated by an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) and is linked between the employer, trainee and registered training provider.

What is an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP)?

Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANP) are non-government organisations contracted by the Australian Government to help employers and trainees to enter into a training contract for a User Choice funded traineeship with a registered training provider. Trainees cannot commence a traineeship without the involvement of an ANP. ANP’s provide free support services to all parties involved with the traineeship from pre-commencement sign up, completion of the training contract and managing all eligible employer incentive payments. For further information on ANP’s or to contact an ANP please visit the ANP webpage. 

Traineeship Fees

The cost of the traineeship varies on the level of the qualification, our fees consist of $400 for a Certificate III and $500 for the Diploma. Fees are payable by the trainee or employer and are invoiced on confirmation of enrolment into the chosen training course.

Fees are non-refundable but a fee concession is available to eligible students who either hold a current and valid;

  • Australian Government Health Care Card;
  • Australian Government Low Income Health Care Card;
  • Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card;
  • Veteran’s Gold Card.

For further information in regards to fees and charges please refer to our Fee Structure (pdf download). 

Financial Incentives for Trainees

Trainees who meet eligibility criteria under the ACT Australian Apprenticeship Guidelines may be eligible for a completion incentive of up to $300 on successful completion of their traineeship.

Trainee Eligibility

Trainees must:

  • Be employed for a minimum of 15 hours per week on a part-time or permanent basis
  • Employed within the ACT
  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than 6 months, or hold an eligible visa
  • Meet the minimum ACSF levels of the Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment required for the qualification level.
  • Cannot be a casual employee or self-employed (sub-contractor)
  • Supervised by a suitably qualified person who is permanently employed at the same workplace

Employer Obligations

Employers are obliged to support the trainee throughout the duration of the training contract, these obligations include:

  1. Trainees must be employed to work a minimum of 15 hours per week until the completion of the traineeship.
  2. Providing on-the-job skill development by providing workplace tasks that relate to the units of competency within the qualification.
  3. Working with the RTO and trainee to support the achievement of competence in required skills and knowledge.
  4. Release the trainee to access the minimum and undertake structured training and assessment (as per Industry Award or 20% of training contract hours per week) until the full qualification and the training contract is completed.

Financial Incentives for Employers

As an employer of a trainee you may be eligible for a range of financial incentives through the Incentives for Australian Apprentices Scheme (IAA) from the Australian Government of up to $4000.00* per trainee.

Employees are classified either as a new worker or existing worker. These classifications determine what possible incentives the employer is entitled to if the employee meets the incentive eligibility criteria set out in the IAA scheme.

  1. New Worker: An employee who is classified as a new worker has been employed less than 3 month’s full time or 12 months part-time.
  2. Existing Worker: An employee who is classified as an existing worker has been employed more than 3 month’s full time or 12 months part-time.

Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANP) are available to assist employers in regards to eligibility for financial incentive claims.  Both new and existing workers can attract different levels of funding.  Further incentives and financial support are also available to employers. To find out further information in regards to these additional incentive payments and claims please visit

Ready to enrol?

Our approach to enrolment is to ensure both the trainee and employer have made an informed decision to enrol into a training course that is suitable for them. Enrolment is easy through the following steps:

  1. Select your employee candidate and discuss course possibilities
  2. Confirm their commitment to the training program, to your service standards, organisational requirements and expectations.
  3. Contact us at or phone 02 6293 6220 to inform us of your potential trainee.
  4. Organise a time to meet and discuss the training program and course requirements, including trainee eligibility.
  5. Register with an Apprentice Network Provider (ANP) prior to formal enrolment to initiate the training contract to access User Choice funding.
  6. Commence formal training!

Please note: Communities@Work Work’s Centre of Professional Learning and Education is not a registered training provider with CRICOS and therefore not eligible or permitted to provide nationally recognised training to international students in Australia on a student visa.

 Download our Employer Traineeship Handbook (PDF)



Skilled Capital is an ACT Government training initiative, funded by the ACT and Australian Governments’. Skilled Capital provides subsidised training in a selection of qualifications from the ACT Skills Needs Lists. Skilled Capital is available to eligible learners wanting to enrol into a nationally recognised qualification. Skilled Capital funding is subject to available places. All learners must beet eligibility requirements and must pass a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment before enrolment can be offered.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Skilled Capital is a training pathway, providing high quality training in areas of skills needs, and maximising improved employment opportunities.
  • It provides candidates with the opportunity to access subsidised training within the ACT.
  • The delivery of face-to-face workshops will support students in understanding the skills and knowledge required for their job role in an early childhood environment.
  • A cost effective way to study with subsidised training.
  • Eligible candidates have the opportunity to develop their skills and work to their maximum potential through an accessible and flexible training sector.
  • A financial incentive for students! Pending eligibility, students can receive a completion incentive of up to $300.00.

For further information please visit the ACT Government Skilled Capital website.

Please note enrolment eligibility is subject to change as per the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015.

PDF Skilled Capital Booklet



This is an arrangement that is not linked to any Government funding or subsidised training. Learners who do not meet eligibility through Government funding arrangements have the opportunity to enrol through FFS arrangements. Where funding is not offered learners, they are liable to pay the full fees for the cost of training. Please refer to our fee policy for charges that can occur. All learners must meet eligibility requirements and must pass a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment before enrolment can be offered.

Please note enrolment eligibility is subject to change as per the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) 2015.

Please check out our Fee Structure (pdf download) and refer to the “fee for service” (page 10) of the document for more information.

For further information on enrolment under a FFS arrangement please contact the Centre of Professional Learning and Education on 02 6293 6220 or email

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