New Look, Same Commitment: Communities at Work’s Refreshed Brand

Have you seen something different across our social media, emails, and general campaign materials lately? For the last few months, we have been working on a refreshed brand (and sneakily using our refreshed visual identity on a few channels and resources). If you've been wondering what's happening, let's dig into it... officially!

Communities at Work Brand Launch

Communities at Work has a new look! You may have noticed some changes to our logo and colours in some of our recent communications. We’re excited to share these brand updates with you and tell you about why we made them.

WATCH: Communities at Work’s brand new look

What’s Changed and What Hasn’t

We’ve updated our logo, typeface, colours and imagery. We’ve also evolved from “Communities@Work” to “Communities at Work”.

Our refreshed visual identity was inspired by our clients and developed to closely align with our values, mission and purpose. These changes uphold the existing expectations of what our brand already stood for, while simultaneously moving the organisation forward.

What hasn’t changed is our ongoing commitment to the Canberra community, to enrich lives and shape better futures. Communities at Work is unique in our dedication to people and our passion for our community, and we wanted our visual identity to reflect this.

“This brand refresh really tells our story, but it doesn’t change who we are. We are still very committed to the Canberra community and always will be, but we’ve come out with this beautiful brand new fresh look to interpret what we are to the Canberra community going forward,” says Lee Maiden, our CEO.

Communities at Work’s New Logo

Communities at Work Logo Before and After - Brand Refresh Jan 2022

Our logo now speaks to our commitment to community, but with the same, friendly and familiar orange that we all love and have come to associate with our organisation. The refreshed logo emphasises our desire for continuous improvement and development as we strive to create positive social change in the Canberra community.

Our New Colours

New colour palette - Communities at Work Brand Refresh 2022

Colour provides a strong visual link to our brand identity across a wide range of applications. We wanted our brand colours to reflect and reinforce who we are, so we choose a blue palette for our core colours to complement our main brand orange. Blue hues are associated with feelings of trust and integrity, which reflects our own values. That’s probably why you’ve been seeing a lot more blue and navy across our recent communications and resources!


New Fonts - COmmunities at Work Brand Launch 2022

Our fonts are chosen with inclusivity in mind. Our main brand font was chosen as it is accessible and easy to read. Our accent font helps us to stand out and adds a little fun. Our clients associate us with familiarity and comfort, and now we hope you’ll also associate us with innovation and fun!


Communities at Work Brand Launch Illustration RAP

We commissioned local Ngunnawal artist, Bradley Mapiva Brown, to create our brand artwork, which depicts Ngunnawal Waterhole Dreaming.

To the Ngunnawal people, waterholes are significant as the main pillar of a culture where generations of knowledge are handed down. There are many waterholes across the Ngunnawal region, all telling intricate stories of how the Ngunnawal people lived in traditional times.

Aboriginal people travelled great distances across the country often using the waterholes as places to refresh which are shown in the painting. The waterholes signify progress and sustainability for all Aboriginal peoples, which is the artist perceived as a shared core value of Communities at Work. We’re humbled to have such a meaningful brand artwork created for us by Bradley, signifying our connection to the land on which we work.

This is important to our brand, our organisation, and our commitment to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

So, what do you think of our brand new look? Tell us in the comments below! You can also join in on the buzz on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn

For more information about Communities at Work, who we are and what we do, visit our About Us page here. 

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