A Brand New Look for Communities at Work

Communities at Work, Canberra's largest not-for-profit community organisation, are proud to announce our refreshed brand look to better represent our services to the community.  

Communities at Work launches its refreshed brand - Jan 2022 - Logo Change

At the centre of this brand refresh, inspired by our clients, is Communities at Work’s ongoing commitment to enrich the lives of people in the Canberra community and build better futures.

Our CEO Lee Maiden explains, “our brand is the story of who we are, what we do, and how we support our community. It comes from the people that use our services. So this brand refresh is all about the Canberra community”.



We have developed our refreshed brand visual identity to more closely align with Communities at Work’s values, mission and purpose and better represent the organisation’s unique dedication to people and our passion for creating positive social change in our local community.

“This brand refresh better tells our story and emphasises our desire for continuous improvement and development,” says Lee.  “But it doesn’t change who we are. We are still very committed to the Canberra community and always will be.  Now we have this beautiful fresh new look to better reflect this.”

Designed and developed by our in-house marketing and communications team, the new brand look has an updated logo, typeface, colours and imagery.

The organisation’s name and logo have evolved from ‘Communities@Work’ to ‘Communities at Work’, upholding existing expectations of what the brand stands for while moving the organisation forward. Our familiar and friendly orange colour remains but will now often be complemented with blue, a colour associated with feelings of trust and integrity, reflecting Communities at Work’s values.

As part of the brand refresh, we also commissioned local Ngunnawal artist, Bradley Mapiva Brown, to create new artwork. This artwork depicts waterholes, which signify progress and sustainability for all Aboriginal peoples. The artist perceived this as a shared core value of Communities at Work.

“We’re humbled to have such meaningful brand artwork created for us by Bradley, signifying our connection to the land on which we’ve been working for over 43 years. “We are proud of the services we deliver to the community on Ngunnawal land. In response to that commitment, we are excited to launch our brand refresh.” – Lee Maiden, CEO.

Download Communities at Work’s media release (pdf format) here. 

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