New Educational Leader Network Group Established

Communities@Work has recently established a new Educational Leader Network to support our educators and help make their role with Communities@Work rewarding.

The educational leader has an influential role in promoting positive outcomes for children and families according to the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Each Communities@Work Children’s Service has a dedicated and professional educational leader responsible for the effective leadership and capacity building of educators by inspiring, motivating, affirming, challenging, and extending practice, pedagogy, and critical thinking.  

Working toward Communities@Work’s Strategic Plan 2019-2022, Children’s Services have begun an Educational Leader Network Group. 

Meeting monthly the group will share experiences from the field, work on sector and organisational initiatives, plan, develop and implement continuous quality improvement strategies and reflect on their own roles and responsibilities while engaging in professional development opportunities. 

Collectively the group has more than 100 year’s experience working with Communities@Work in a variety of roles, with many having experienced strong succession planning in their time with the organisation.  

Using a strength-based approach the group are looking forward to having the opportunity to work together in a collegial approach to quality early childhood education.  

For more information on how Communities@Work supports its educators and offers professional development opportunities, please visit our Early Childhood Education and Care Careers page.

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