A Unified Voice for Canberra’s Community Services


Communities at Work is thrilled to be part of the newly formed The ACT Regional Community Services Alliance (the Alliance). This is a groundbreaking collaborative entity designed to amplify the voices and interests of the Canberra community. The Alliance brings together five organisations: Capital Region Community Service, Communities at Work, Community Services #1, Northside Community Service, and Woden Community Service.  

The primary mission of the Alliance is to serve as a unified voice representing the collective interests and concerns of its member organisations. This collaboration aims to ensure that the diverse needs of the ACT community are effectively communicated to and addressed by external stakeholders. 

Key Objectives and Advocacy Efforts 

The Alliance is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the Canberra community on critical issues that impact daily lives. Our advocacy efforts will focus on: 

  1. Community Needs: Identifying and addressing the specific needs of different community segments to ensure comprehensive support. 
  2. Community Services: Enhancing and expanding the range of services available to meet the growing demands of our community. 
  3. Funding: Securing adequate funding to support vital community services and initiatives. 
  4. Community Infrastructure Development and Maintenance: Promoting the development and upkeep of essential community infrastructure to improve living standards. 

Collaborative Policy Development 

In addition to advocacy, the Alliance will engage in collaborative policy development. By providing advisory input to external stakeholders, the Alliance aims to shape policies that reflect the genuine needs and aspirations of the Canberra community. This collaborative approach will ensure that our policies are inclusive, forward-thinking, and effective in addressing community concerns. 

First Advocacy Initiative 

Our first major advocacy initiative is the development of an ACT Government election statement. This statement will encapsulate the core issues and recommendations of the Alliance, serving as a critical tool in our advocacy meetings with ACT Government Ministers and Department representatives. These meetings will be pivotal in establishing our presence and influence, ensuring that the voice of the Canberra community is heard and considered in governmental decisions. 

Moving Forward 

The establishment of the ACT Regional Community Services Alliance marks a significant step forward in our collective efforts to support and advocate for the Canberra community. By working together, we can achieve greater impact and drive positive change that benefits everyone. 

We look forward to the continued support and collaboration of all our staff and stakeholders as we embark on this exciting journey. Together, we can make a difference and build a stronger, more vibrant community.

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