Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service

Communities@Work’s Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service offers continuity in curriculum and relationships over children’s early years from birth to eight years of age. The community child care component is located within the school and is a critical part of the early childhood school’s foundation.

About the Centre

Communities@Work’s Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service provides care and education for children aged from birth to 8 years. We operate within the Isabella Plains Early Childhood School providing long day care, before and after school care, and school holiday program.

Our educators understand the value of learning through experiences. For instance, they regularly take children to excursions such as visting Isabella Ponds during the warmer months, where children engage in activities such as bird watching, collecting natural resources for their artwork and meditation. Children also learn about caring for the environment through activities such as “clean up our school day” and learn about reconciliation through activities such as “sorry day bridge walk”.

Operational Information

We offer regular bookings for our long day care services at this service.

Our opening hours are 7:30 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. We accept children from birth to eight years of age.

The children at our centre are provided with meals: a nutritionally balanced morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We cater for individual dietary requirements and specific needs.

The fees for our centre (daily rate) is $121.00. Please note this rate is before the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is supplied, if eligible.

Our daily rate for Before School Care is from $22 and for After School Care is from $30. Our daily rate for School Holiday Programs is $78.

For more information on our out of school hours services at this service, please visit this page. 

Why Choose Us

At the beginning of 2020, our centre officially became a Community of Practice. A Communities of practice connects people with common goals and interest for the purpose of sharing resources, strategies, innovations and support.  It focuses on sharing best practice and creating new knowledge to advance a domain of professional practice.

Through collaboration with the Child Development Service, we successfully enrolled 4 children under the community of practice 3 year old preschool program, who have successfully enrolled in our government preschool for 2021.  We have been able to support these children to form friendships, improve communication and language skills and become confident involved learners.

At Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service, we understand the significance of community, and strive to reflect community-centric practice while providing high quality education and care to children.

“The service provides such a warm and inviting space.  The feel throughout the service is calm and inviting.  I feel so comfortable dropping him off especially in the Infants room as all of the educators make an effort to welcome the whole family everyday”.

– Parent, Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service

Contact Information

Book a tour at Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service, located in Isabella Plains ACT, today by contacting the centre via phone on (02) 6142 3774

You can also email

Alternatively, you can contact the main switch of Communities@Work on and 02 6293 6500



Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service

Ellerston Avenue, ISABELLA PLAINS ACT, 2905

Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service

Ellerston Avenue, ISABELLA PLAINS ACT, 2905

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