Celebrating our Women’s Achievements

"You motivate me. You inspire me. You are my strength. You are a powerful woman. You add value to my life…. Happy Women’s Day!" (Source: Good Wishes for You.)

International Women's Day

Communities@Work added its voice and support to many others across the globe today on International Women’s Day.  Providing a clear message, the Executive reaffirmed that: “As the largest provider of early education and care in the ACT, a mostly female dominated industry, Communities@Work will continue to be #BeBoldForChange”.

The executive leadership promotes inclusivity and equity for everyone, regardless of gender, beliefs, culture, identity or any other potentially divisive barrier – and this is reflective in both Communities@Work’s service provision philosophies as well as its workforce management practices.

Communities@Work’s senior leadership team comprises of nine members, of which six are women.  Each of these women have inspiring stories of their own.  One of these inspiring success stories is about Lee Maiden, the organisation’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Starting as a volunteer in the child care and education centre where her two boys attended, Lee progressed through the ranks and grew with the organisation to become the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

When asked about developing women’s careers, Lee points to a circle of other women who inspired her journey.  One example is of previous CEO, Maureen Cane. “When Maureen recognised my drive to give 100% in all circumstances, she acted as a mentor for me, and guided my progression into the organisation’s senior executive.”

Lee, and the entire executive team encourages women to be supportive of each other, and to continue to inspire each other along their professional journeys.

In particular, the women at Communities@Work can be proud “because we have a history of powerful, smart and successful women who have got us to where we are now. And I’m honoured to be a part of that.”

For more information about International Women’s Day please visit www.internationalwomensday.com

Media contact: Michelle Robertson on Michelle.Robertson@Commsatwork.org or 6293 6352

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