Christmas – How To Host a Giving Tree

If you run a business, a shop, a community group or even at your workplace, you can host a giving tree (donation drive) to collect food, gifts or both for people in need in Canberra.

Please refer to our list of items we need when requesting donations. Download the list here.

Note:  We are always short of gifts for teenagers and adults, so we’d love it if you could encourage donations for these age groups.


Download Christmas Toolkit



How to Host a Giving Tree


Set a date for your Christmas giving tree

Decide when you will hold your Christmas tree donation drive (start and finish dates). As we support people from the beginning of December, we would appreciate early collections, rather than everything arriving the week before Christmas! This also helps with people’s anxiety about not having something to give their children for Christmas




Register to host a giving tree

Fill out the registration form.

Click here to fill out the form.




Get your toolkit of resources

This toolkit is full of tips and resources to help you promote your donation drive to support families and individuals in need this Christmas.

Click here to access the toolkit resources, and don’t forget to register as a Giving Tree Host.




Start collecting

Set up your Giving Tree and start collecting donations!




Deliver donations

Please deliver your donations to one of our Communities at Work locations.

  • Communities at Work Tuggeranong (Tuggeranong Community Centre), 245 Cowlishaw Street, Greenway (open Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm) 
  • Communities at Work Gungahlin (Gungahlin Community Centre), 47 Ernest Cavanagh Street, Gungahlin (Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm) 
  • Communities at Work Weston Creek (172 Dixon Drive, Holder, Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm) 



Thank supporters

Download a Certificate of Appreciation from our
website and give to your supporters to express your gratitude for
supporting your drive!


Some of our Supporters

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GIT_Christmas_Appeal_Logo_act logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-14 logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-16 logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-15
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logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-29 GIT_Christmas_Appeal_Logo_JASANZ logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-31
logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-38 logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-39 logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-40
logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-42 logos_supporters_christmas_appeal_donations_canberra-41


Other supporters

🌲 Amy Browne-hasler.

🌲 Benjamin Brown – Galilee School Senior Secondary College.

🌲 Fiona McGowan-Lay – Australian National University – CECC Professional Services Group.

🌲 Andrew Harrison – Canadian High Commission to Australia.

🌲 Kristen Martens – Unisys.

🌲 Reanna Leadbeater – Maribyrnong OSHC Communities At Work.

🌲 Myfwny Saboisky – Sport Integrity Australia.

🌲 Brideen Allen – DSS ACT Social Club.

🌲 Brooke Fox – Brooke.

🌲 Hannah Fitzpatrick – Cubs Corner ELC.

🌲 Tess Gallagher – Communities at work Taylor child care and Education Centre.

🌲 Kieara Lees – Communities at work  Mt Rogers OSHC.

🌲 Leah Barclay – ASCA.

🌲 Cherie Fensom – Communities at Work, Richardson Child Care and Education Centre.

🌲 Shannon McAlister – Melrose High School.


🌲 Department of Treasury of Australia.

🌲 Lisa Webster – Communities at work Illoura Childcare and Education Centre.

🌲 Department of Finance of Australia.

🌲 Subhani Thewahettige – Communities at work- Amaroo OSHC.

🌲 Canberra Social Club at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.

🌲 ABF ACT Social Club.


🌲 Communities at Work- Caroline Chisholm OSH.

🌲 Aspen Medical.

🌲  Communities at Work – Disability North Hub.

🌲 Austrade Social Club.

🌲 Diversity ACT.

Register to Host a Giving Tree Here


Resources in the Toolkit

The donation tags can be printed and handed out or hung on your Christmas tree! All anyone has to do is scan the QR code on the tag and they’ll be able to donate directly to Communities at Work!

Click here to download the printable donation tags.

Printing instructions: Print double-sided, preferably on a heavy-weight paper or card stock. Trim the tags using the red line provided as a guide and punch a hole in the circle at the top. Attach strings to hang them on your giving tree, or distribute to visitors to collect.

Alternatively, you can send us an email at and we’ll send you a printed bundle of tags ready to use! 



If you decide to develop your own campaign assets, we’re happy for you to do so! We just request that you add the Communities at Work logo to your assets so that people immediately it’s our Christmas Appeal that they’re donating to!

Click here to download our logos (png format).

Please contact us at if you wish to obtain the logo in EPS format. 


Click here to download our QR code.

Place this link in your communications to promote your virtual giving tree: 


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