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The Department of Finance hosted a CANstruction to boost donations for Communities@Work's community pantries in Tuggeranong and Gungahlin. See how they transformed a collection of cans into one of our favourite childhood icons.

The Hungry Caterpillar, Communities@Work, CANstruction

The Hungry CANterpillar is a winner

The Department of Finance is a great supporter of Communities@Work and has recently held their very own CANstruction competition to increase donations to our Community Pantries.

With eight Department of Finance teams participating, there were a number of imaginative and well-designed CANstruction entries.  With impressive CANstructions titles ranging from ‘Modernisation’, to ‘Floriade’ to ‘The Pragmatic Beginning of Sorrow’ to ‘The Transformers’, the coveted title was awarded to the very worthy and deserving Hungry CANterpillar.

The famous Hungry Caterpillar was visible from one angle of the pictured CANstruction.  From the other angle, you could see a transformation into a beautiful butterfly.  This winning team collected over 700 cans, and meticulously planned out their design prior to the actual assembly of the CANstruction.

In addition to the CANstructions, The Department of Finance have conducted a number of clothing drives, various food drives and charity nights. This year’s CANstruction effort alone amounted to 1,681 non-perishable food items for our Community Pantries. This is a great help, especially leading up to our busy Christmas period.

A CANstruction is a fun, creative way to give back to the community.  Participants work together in a team to assemble a construction out of cans or non-perishable items and all food items are donated back to Communities@Work.

Head to our Facebook page to check out more images from the day. We look forward to seeing if any team can trump the impressive Hungry CANterpillar in the future.

How can you support Communities@Work?

There are many ways that you can support us at Communities@Work. You can host your own CANstruction, donate money or host clothing and food drives in your workplace or local community group. If you or your organisation would like to support Communities@Work, get in touch and find out all the ways you can help.


Media contact: Michelle Robertson, Executive Officer Corporate Affairs


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