About the Communities at Work Blog: Our Voice, Your Community

Welcome to the Communities at Work blog. We're proud and excited to launch this initiative.

Communities at Work is the largest not for profit community organisation in the Canberra region, and the largest provider of early childhood education and care (child care) services, and a range of complementary community services. We have a commitment to working with our community to support positive educational outcomes and build resilient, sustainable, and socially inclusive communities in the ACT and capital region. We have a long history in the Canberra community, and we pride ourselves on our positive social impact.

As part of our commitment to the Canberra communitywe want to share what we have learned over more than 42 years living and working in our community, delivering a wide range of community services. 

Communities at Work’s blog will include interviews, tips, advice, questions and answers, resources, essays, expert insights, guest articles and more, with a focus on empowering our community. 

We will explore a wide range of issues impacting our community, share successes, and reflect on learnings. We will highlight positive social impact and innovation, discuss best practice and consider our future. 

We will invite leaders and subject matter experts from both inside and outside Communities at Work to share their insightsYou’ll hear from people who work in our community, our employees and volunteers, the clients we support, our community partners and supporters, and more. 

We will also share insights from across the range of services we provide, which include:  

Our Community Services 

Our Early Childhood Education and Care Services 

  • Child Care Centres  
  • Before and After School Care (Out of School Hours Care 
  • Family Day Care and In Home Care  
  • School Holiday Programs 

We’re very excited about this initiative and look forward to your input. Your comments and discussion are essential to community dialogue 

We have some simple rules for commenting that we request you follow, to ensure everyone is comfortable commenting:

  • Please only post on-topic comments and links. Comment “signatures” or random links will be removed. 
  • Please be polite, courteous and stick to the topic.  
  • Please avoid use of inappropriate language, language that discriminates, or language that can be considered as offensive. Please respect the author of the articles, and other commenters 
  • Please refrain from violations of any copyright, trademark etc. content.  

Communities at Work reserves the right to remove any comments that do not align with these rules or our social media and content policy. 

Thank you so much for reading, and for supporting us in this initiative. We’re delighted to begin this journey with you and bring value to the Canberra community. We look forward to engaging with you through this space and are excited to see you again at our next post.

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