The Why and How of a Career in Childcare

Early Education and Care is a fast-growing sector in Australia. Working in this sector is increasingly becoming an attractive option for those looking to start their careers, progress in their careers, or even switching careers.


In fact, a career in early education and care can prove extremely rewarding. Opportunities and jobs in childcare plenty, with children’s services being an essential service.

The ACT’s Early Education and Care Sector will also likely see a growth in childcare jobs as fewer people continue to work from home, with the COVID-19 restrictions changing. The growth for the early education and care workforce in Australia is predicted to be positively accelerated between 2018-2023.

The benefits of working in the Early Education and Care Sector

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) recognises the importance of the Early Education and Care Sector in providing education and care for children across a range of settings, including long day care services, out of school hours care, school holiday programs, family day care, and in-home care.

The benefits of working in any of these areas are plenty:

Rewarding Nature of Work

A career in Early Education and Care can be stimulating, satisfying, and rewarding. Early Education and Care develops resilience, well-being, and a foundation for lifelong learning. It can play a role in enhancing employment and economic prospects for children when they become adults. The early years are critical for children’s development.

If you work in the education and care sector, you are making a supreme difference in a child’s early years, ultimately making a significant difference in their lives.

Skills in Demand

The early education and care profession is on the rise with a high demand for those with relevant qualifications. This is reflected in the increasing number of families who are returning to work after having children. It’s also evident in the growing number of education and care services in the region. For instance, Communities@Work alone has 12 child care and education centres across Canberra.

Therefore, a qualification in early childhood education will mean being in demand and ensure a steady career. Qualifications in childcare may range from Certificate III to Diploma to even a Bachelor’s degree.

Did you know: Communities@Work offers a unique industry-leading childcare traineeship? Our Ascend Program allows you to work across our children’s services and obtain a professional qualification (Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care) while earning an income full-time.

Opportunity for career progression

There are multiple roles available in Early Education and Care, and plenty of opportunity for career development and growth. From an educator trainee to an early childhood teacher, to leadership and management roles, there is a lot to explore in the world of children’s services.

What’s more – opportunities for training and gaining qualifications are supported by the ACT Government, with funding and subsidy options. These options are primarily available for individuals studying through a Registered Training Organisation, such as Communities@Work’s Centre of Professional Learning and Education.

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How to kickstart a career in Childcare?

Working in the Australian Early Education and Care sector has certain requirements pertaining to qualifications. The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out the minimum educator qualification requirements for working with children preschool age and under, in centre-based services.

Hence, a common pathway to land a role in early childhood education is to complete a qualification such as Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and then find a suitable children’s service environment to work with.

However, Communities@Work also offers a second pathway – the Ascend Program. The Ascend Program is an industry-leading traineeship for individuals interested in the Early Education and Care sector, and wish to apply for childcare jobs, but who have no qualifications or experience in children’s services.

Did you know: Communities@Work recently won the ACT Large Employer of the Year at the ACT Training Awards, for the second year in a row (2019 and 2020). We are proud and humbled to be recognised for our continuing commitment to excellence in training and education. Find out more here.

Candidates successful in their application to the Ascend Program will train under qualified, reliable, and experienced educators, trainers, and mentors. They will work across Communities@Work’s children’s services and complete their Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care qualification.  The candidates will receive practical support every step of the way, along with financial benefits. Flexible learning options including face-to-face as well as online training will also be available.

In a nutshell, the Ascend Program is the perfect way to kickstart your career in childcare. You will be employed over the length of the 12-month program, gain valuable paid work experience in an actual children’s service setting, and (if successful) obtain a professional qualification in early education and care.

Find out more about the Ascend Program here.

We’re now hiring for the January 2021 Ascend Program Intake. Click on the button below to view the job advertisement and begin your application.

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