Celebrating Family Day Care

Family Day Care Week is the annual celebration of the industry and the wonderful educators who provide unique, flexible and innovative care and education to over 206,000 children in Australia.

Family Day Care Week

Family Day Care educator, Courtney Love, started her Family Day Care service with Communities@Work eight months ago and hasn’t looked back.

She has four children in her care, including her daughter April, and says that she loves the connections she has with the families and being able to provide a safe and comfortable space for children.

Courtney was a child in Family Day Care herself and her educator, Trish, is still a Family Day Care educator with Communities@Work today.

“I still have a great relationship with Trish. Her environment was always warm, homey and fun and I have so many great memories of my time with her.”

It was her positive experience in Family Day Care as a child and the joy she felt from caring for her daughter, April, and her niece from a young age that inspired her to consider Family Day Care as a career path.

“I really do see it as my career path now and I hope I’m a Family Day Care educator for many years to come.”

Becoming a Family Day Care educator has not only been a great choice for Courtney but also for her daughter, April, who gets “sad” on the weekends when her friends don’t come to visit.

“She really enjoys family day care and loves having her friends come to visit Monday to Friday. It’s been amazing to be able to spend more time with her as well.”

Courtney says that Family Day Care Week is an occasion to be celebrated and she’s really proud of her profession.

“Since starting in Family Day Care, I think I’ve changed some people’s minds about what being a Family Day Care educator involves and the value of the work we do. There’s a lot more to it than people realise,” she said.

Family Day Care Week is the annual celebration of the industry and its role in the development of the well-being of more than 206,000 children across Australia.

The occasion highlights the many unique benefits of family day care as a high quality, flexible education and care option for families.

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