Isabella Plains Child Care and Education Centre’s Love in Action

Testimonial - Childrens Services

It’s always great to hear the positive impact Communities at Work educators have on families, especially families going through challenging times.

So, we were thrilled when our Isabella Plains Child Care and Education Centre received praise from ACT Government partners in the Three Year-Old Initiative for how they supported a family dealing with complex circumstances. This recognition validates the important role that early education and care centres play.

The support provided by our team at Isabella Plains Child Care and Education Centre demonstrates dedication to the wellbeing and welfare of children and families. Congratulations to the team and the recognition they’ve received!

Extract from Feedback

“The family circumstances of one of the participants in the 3 year old initiative have significantly changed in recent times. The team’s deep knowledge, connection with and respect for this family was evident in all my discussions with them. Together, we were able to make a plan that would ensure continuity of care for the child over the January period that would best support all.

When speaking to the family, they reiterated how happy they have been with this placement and how even with the complexities they have faced, they are happy to travel quite a distance as they know how happy their son is there.

It is truly amazing to see the support that wraps around children and their families by the Communities at Work team, and experience first-hand quality education and care for our little people.”

(Aimee, Early Childhood Community Coordinator, ACT Government)


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