Regardless of whether you are doing this as a business, a school or a caring individual, there are a number of ways you could get involved.

Please get in touch with our Social Programs team who will work with you to plan and implement a great fundraising activity. We have listed some ideas below to get you thinking about some of the ways you could fundraise for us.

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Fundraising event ideas

The key to having a successful fundraising event is to encourage engagement and to make it fun. Whether you want to jump out of a plane, walk a kilometre, bake cup cakes or host a trivia night, you can help the community by raising funds for Communities@Work. Your imagination is the limit! Some idea examples are listed below:

  • 5K Run/Walk
  • Games night / Trivia fundraiser
  • Cupcake bake-offs
  • Golf Tournament
  • Gala event
  • Fashion fundraiser
  • Travel raffle
  • Oddball events
  • School lock in.


Food or clothing drives

Running a food or clothing drive is a great way to help people in need. It can be a great way to build up your team and connect your staff with your community. It is simple to organise and makes a huge impact.

Clothing – Click here for examples of items that we need
Food – Click here for examples of items that we need
Essential Items – Click here for examples of items that we need

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving, also known as Payroll Giving, is an easy, tax efficient way for you to support Communities@Work. Employees can donate money directly through their pay on a regular basis and receive a tax-deduction as they give.

Employers can easily set up a payroll giving scheme to support their employees’ charitable giving. In doing so, they may enhance their reputation, fulfil their corporate social responsibility and boost staff morale and retention. Many employers match their employee donations dollar for dollar.

“If just ten per cent of working Australians made a payroll charity donation of $5 a week, the Australian community would benefit by more than $260 million each year.” Ted Kerr, CEO of Australian Charities Fund.

Contact us to add Communities@Work donations to your payroll.

Online Fundraising

If your fundraising activity involves asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, you can set up your own fundraising page on GiveNow (link is external). When you use GiveNow (link is external), the requirements of all government legislation regarding charitable fundraising are met and your supporters will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donations. If you are ready to help us make a difference, simply visit today!

Leave a Bequest

Bequests are a wonderful way to be remembered for making a difference to the community in which you have lived. A legacy in your will is a testimony to your kindness and concern for others.

A bequest to Communities@Work is also an investment in our future and helps us to look forward with confidence to helping the most vulnerable members of our community.

You can make a bequest to Communities@Work in one of the following ways:

  • Allocate a specific amount of money, items or property to Communities@Work
  • Designate the residual of your estate to Communities@Work
  • Nominate Communities@Work as a beneficiary to your insurance policy
  • Establish a trust fund where the interest earned is donated to Communities@Work
  • Encourage direct donations to Communities@Work at your funeral service.

Simply include the following wording in your Will:

“I, …………………….. bequeath $…………………… to Communities@Work to be used specifically for (name specific program) or to be a applied to any of its services and programs as it desires. I declare that the receipt from Communities@Work shall be a full discharge to my Executors for the said bequest, the bequest being free from probate and estate duties.”


Communities@Work has found a great new way for you to help us through your normal online shopping.

Simply by registering at Shopnate, every time you shop online at hundreds of big name retailers, they will donate a percentage of your purchase price to us. It’s that simple!

Shopnate will never cost you a cent, so register today at

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