Galilee School Annual Report Highlight – ‘Boss Your Future’

Thanks to the Academy of Entrepreneurs and Future Schools, Galilee School was granted a scholarship to participate in the innovative ‘Boss Your Future’ program. This program helps young people consider becoming an entrepreneur and provides skills for starting a business.

Over six weeks, Year 9 and 10 students developed business plans, with ideas ranging from mobile food delivery trucks to pet walking services.

We were incredibly proud when one of our Year 10 students, Evan, became a national finalist. Evan pitched the business idea of ‘Spray Hall Canberra’ – an innovative space where Canberra youth could express their creative ideas in a safe, and authorised environment.

Evan’s business plan was one of six ideas chosen from 100 schools across Australia. He presented his idea to a judging panel in Sydney at the Google National Headquarters. While he didn’t win the overall prize, he made valuable connections with business people interested in supporting his idea. A massive congratulations Evan! You are a true winner and an example of the potential that resides in Galilee School students.

Read our new annual report here.

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