Family Day Care playgroup

Family day care playgroup

We had a blast with our Communities at Work Family Day Care outdoor playgroup at the National Arboretum. We got to dive into the cool world of Indigenous culture and discovered some really great stuff!

The Magic of Seeds

We learned about these special seeds called Wattle and Kurrajong seeds. Wattle seeds are like kitchen wizards – they get dried, roasted, and turned into a powder for cooking. Kurrajong seeds were used by Aboriginal people for yummy damper and in other cultures as a secret ingredient for  flour. The Kurrajong tree has more tricks up its sleeve with its nutritious taproot and tasty gum.

Cool Tools and Messages

Ever heard of a message stick? It’s like a cool ancient text message! Indigenous people used these sticks to send messages between different groups. We also saw the Coolamon, a handy tool that was used for all sorts of things, like smashing seeds.

Garden Adventures and DIY Fun

We had a blast in the garden, checking out veggies like spinach, strawberries, and more. We also spotted colourful fake butterflies that gave us an awesome art idea for our community garden. And guess what? We got super creative and made our own kites from paper, balloon sticks, and ribbon. We tried flying them, but, well, the wind played hide-and-seek with us.

Can’t Wait for More Fun!

Even though our kites didn’t fly as high as we hoped, we’re not letting that stop us. Our next Erindale kitchen garden session is all about kites, and we’re hoping Mother Nature gives us a helping hand.

Stay Curious and Keep Exploring with Us!

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