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Recently, the Twisty Science Show brought an engaging and educational experience on the topic, “What makes you unique?” Chloe, our guide for the day, not only shared a story with Family Day Care educators and children but also organised an exciting science activity.

A fun way of learning about science:

Chloe’s approach makes science enjoyable and educational. Children had the opportunity to create a model of a DNA strand using pipe cleaners and pom-poms. This prompted discussions about what makes each person special and the source of their DNA – Mum and Dad, naturally!

Banana DNA Extraction

Children could dress as a scientist, complete with lab coats and safety glasses. Chloe helped them mash banana in a sealable bag with a mixture of washing-up liquid and salt. The DNA was then separated from the mashed banana using a coffee strainer.

Educators added wiping alcohol to the test tube to release the banana DNA. Children collected the DNA in a specimen tube to take home. Apparently, the banana DNA looked like snot!

If you want to try this at home, Chloe provided an instruction sheet on extracting DNA from a strawberry.


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