The Difference Teachers Can Make – Changing Lives


Lisa Hivers appreciates spending time with students. As the Head of Teaching and Learning at Galilee School, she knows the staff-to-student ratio of 1 to 5 makes a huge difference. In previous jobs, Lisa would often struggle with disappointment, feeling like she didn’t have the time to work with students.

What Lisa loves about her job is the fact that it changes every day. Currently, she is teaching English for Galilee’s Year 7 – 9 students. However, each day starts with her ensuring staff are organised and ready to deliver quality education for the students.

Some students have been through difficult experiences in life. They only share their frustrations and questions with people they trust. This doesn’t happen overnight; it takes patience and hard work.

What keeps Lisa going through those times is knowing the difference teachers can make. If a young person has just one positive relationship with an adult, it can completely change their life’s trajectory.

‘We get to connect with young people,’ Lisa says. ‘We get to help them achieve things that when they first start with us, they don’t ever think is possible.

‘And that’s awesome!’

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