Impact Story: Helping the homeless


‘There’s nothing more rewarding than helping a family feel safe and good about the world again,’ says Yolanda, our Reach Home Program Manager. Her job involves assisting homeless or at-risk families in moving from our temporary housing to a permanent home.

‘When clients come to us, they’re usually facing serious challenges that have led to their homelessness, such as domestic violence, money problems, relationship breakdowns, or mental health issues,’ Yolanda explains. ‘We provide them with transitional housing – a safe place where they can rebuild their lives.’


Yolanda builds trust and a close connection with her clients because they need someone they can depend on. She compassionately helps them address the effects of their homelessness so they can move forward. She helps them set housing and personal goals and regularly checks on their progress. Sometimes they require assistance with clothing, food, transportation, or their children’s education. Often, they need emotional support when accessing other services. Yolanda also collaborates with ACT Housing  and other housing providers to expedite her clients’ applications for priority status.

‘Our clients understand that we genuinely care about them and don’t judge them,’ says Yolanda. “We help them regain a positive outlook on life. They’re incredibly grateful for our program, and many say it’s been a lifeline. What more could we ask for?’

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