Single mom tops year 12 – Student Testimonial

When Georgia had her daughter at the start of Year 12 it was extremely hard to concentrate on her studies.

As a single mum, living off government payments, life was full of daily stresses.

‘One of the huge concerns I had about attending college was how I was going to tackle both parenting and study,’ Georgia said.

Galilee School welcomed Georgia and organised for her daughter to attend our Taylor Child Care and Education Centre, where she thrived and had fun.

‘Galilee School wasn’t equipped to deal with parents as students, but they facilitated it without any discrimination or judgement. They believed in me – in all of us. They helped me with things other schools never would.

‘I wouldn’t have gotten through without Galilee School,’ Georgia says. ‘It’s pretty amazing. They helped me with a formal dress [through our Best Dressed Store] and fed us every day at school [through our community pantry].’

Georgia was part of the school’s first Year 12 graduating class and, despite her life challenges, achieved Galilee School’s highest academic award. She now enjoys opportunities that were beyond her grasp had she been left to struggle on her own. She leaves our school community with an immense sense of gratitude and pride in her accomplishments.

‘It’s been really awesome! I wouldn’t be anywhere without the school.’

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