Impact Story: Student inspired to reach for the stars.

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Thanks to a student scholarship with The Academy of Entrepreneurs and Future Schools, Evan now has new skills and exciting new opportunities for life after Galilee School.

The innovative ‘Boss Your Future’ program for Years 9 and 10 offers students an alternative path by teaching them entrepreneurial skills for starting their own business.  During the program, students developed diverse business plans, ranging from mobile food delivery trucks to pet walking services.

One of our Year 10 students, Evan, achieved remarkable success as a national finalist when his business idea ‘Spray Hall Canberra’ became one of six ideas chosen from 100 schools across Australia. Although he didn’t clinch the top prize, Evan established crucial connections with supportive business figures during his pitch at the Google National Headquarters in Sydney.

Evan attributed his growth to the support of Galilee School’s teachers, emphasising their role in nurturing his potential. ‘Staff at Galilee School support you to reach your goals,’ he said. ‘I probably wouldn’t have finished Year 10 or done the ‘Boss Your Future’ program without Galilee. But now, a kid like me ended up presenting a business pitch at Google HQ in front of a bunch of billionaires.’

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