Galilee School at 25: A Canberra Success Story


There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Galilee School is a Canberra success story 25 years in the making. Its 25th Anniversary is more than a milestone; it is a testament to an unwavering commitment to giving every young person a chance to succeed.

Founded in 1999, Galilee School emerged from a community-driven desire to offer hope to disengaged and vulnerable youth. Its mission is simple: to inspire and support students to realise their full potential. Education is tailored to the individual. Success comes in many forms and every student’s journey is unique.

With a 1:5 staff-to-student ratio, the school provides a level of trauma-informed care uncommon in mainstream education. This is crucial for students who have faced more than their fair share of personal challenges. The school’s flexible learning program, alongside extracurricular support like transport and meals, ensures everyone has the tools they need to thrive.

The importance of Galilee School’s work cannot be understated. In a time when educational challenges are mounting, from falling literacy rates to teacher shortages, Galilee offers a glimmer of hope. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together to support its most vulnerable members.

As Galilee celebrates this significant anniversary, it’s also a call to action. The school’s success is heavily reliant on donations and community support. This is a perfect time for past students, local businesses, and philanthropists to contribute to a local cause with tangible results.

In reflecting on 25 years of service, Galilee School’s story is one of resilience. It’s a narrative about the power of second chances and the belief that it’s never too late to change a life’s trajectory. Financial support is vital in ensuring the school flourishes continues offering hope and opportunity to those who need it most. Galilee School is indeed Canberra’s best-kept secret, but perhaps it’s time for the secret to be shared far and wide.

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