• Seniors’ Ruby Princess Cruise and COVID-19

    If you were 84, had just gotten off THAT Ruby Princess cruise, and tested positive to coronavirus, you’d probably have serious alarm bells ringing. Not so for Canberra couple Frank and Christine Wybenga, 84 and 77. They were among 2,700 passengers on board the Ruby Princess in March this year for a 13 day cruise to New Zealand.  

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  • Five Reasons to Donate Food and Gifts this Christmas

    There is no better time for giving than during Christmas. The festive season is not only for giving to friends and family but also for helping those struggling in the community. It is the season for bringing joy to people in need.

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  • Bushfire Relief: What You Need To Know

    A new allocation of government bushfire recovery relief funding for local communities is now available to help people still experiencing hardship from the devastating 2019-20 summer bushfires in the New South Wales, Victoria, and Australian Captial Territory. 

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  • Six Reasons Why You Need To Op Shop

    There are plenty of op shops in Canberra and if you haven’t explored one before, here are six reasons why you need to visit an op shop today.

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