Your Care Meant the World to Me



A mother and her children benefiting from the Children’s Services Program.

‘I never thought I would have my children in childcare five days a week while I work,’ said a mother at one of our early childhood centres.’ ‘But due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to put aside the idea that I can spend all my days educating them, nurturing them, and watching them grow. This had been quite hard for me.

‘However, the service has provided my children with safety and consistency while I go to work – showering the girls with education, social skills, value-based practice, autonomy, and kindness.

‘One of my children had a speech delay but has thrived in her language since attending additional childcare days. She often has her hair braided at childcare. ‘Mummy, look at my hair,’ she will say with delight as I pick her up from the centre. One of her educators does her hair during the day and this language of love has been so imperative in fostering her sense of belonging.


‘My other daughter was recently diagnosed with a significant medical condition. After speaking to the Infants Room team, I felt confident to leave my daughter in their care and not stop work altogether. After three months, her specialist confirmed an incredible improvement, which I credit to the Infant Room educators. Their continual support has meant I have been able to continue working to provide for my children.

‘It has meant the world to me having my daughters attend a safe place that is invested in their growth and development.’



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